Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've been tagged by R Garriott.

Here's my list of "Seven Unusual (okay, maybe not so
much) Things About Me":

  1. I had the good fortune to go to high school at the American School in London. We took art field trips to Paris and Amsterdam. It was an amazing experience.
  2. In college my first series of paintings was of Purina Dog Chow bags. (The old bag with the red and white checker board and the portraits of various breeds of dogs.) We were able to have pets on campus at my school, and I shared my dorm room with a cocker spaniel. His bag of food sat on my desk. I still like the folds and creases that distort the pictures and words on the bag. And I remember the tag line "All you add is love." Silly then and silly now.
  3. I tend to organize my books by color, I always strive for the rainbow... with colored pencils and markers too. I like having a variety of different colored post-its and high-liters, I need color!
  4. Due to a "series of unfortunate events" (scaffolding collapsing on my car) I rented a Mustang (a black convertible). I had no idea what it is like to lust after a car before this! I'm thinking I should be looking at a Prius, but I can't get that Mustang out of my head...
  5. My birthday is the same as A. A. Milne the author of Winnie-the-Pooh, who is still one of my best friends.
  6. My new favorite food is Vongole Pizza at Otto's in New York, fresh calms in the shells on top of the pizza. Is there anything like that in Los Angeles?
  7. I have a skateboarding cat. He hasn't learned to do it standing up yet, once he gets that down we will be posting the video on YouTube. I think he is the kind of cat that would wear a Halloween costume. As tempting as that is, I know it would be wrong (so didn't do it this year).

And now I am supposed to pick seven artists to tag, so they can join the game and play too:

My first pick is Kevin's Studio Blog with the hope that it will encourage him to actually blog!
Jelaine Faunce Studio
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r garriott said...

Happy New Year, MK! I look forward to seeing your new work. also, I liked your '7 things' list. You have some really fun stuff in there!