Saturday, November 22, 2008

Date Palm Detail

This is a detail of a watercolor painting looking up at a date palm. The full painting is all branches covered in dates radiating out of a center point. It is part of my Meditation Series: Natures Mandalas. I've always liked the painting but never thought it reproduced well. The digital image I have of the painting was scanned from a slide. Today I decided to take some close-ups of the painting myself. I am thrilled with the result. I included this detail of the painting in my 2009 Art Calendar.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

National Watercolor Society 88th Annual Exhibition 2008

I had the honor of having a painting accepted in the National Watercolor Society show for the first time. I missed the opening but finally made it out to Riverside on the last day of the show. The paintings were great but I was not impressed by the way the show was hung. When I was describing it later it occurred to me that perhaps there had been additional movable walls that had been taken out as the gallery was being set up for a wedding reception that evening.

Despite the difficult viewing situation I was glad I made the drive to Riverside and saw the paintings in person. I particularly liked Susan Stuller’s “A Balancing Act”, Irene Roman’s “Connected by Shadows”, Mary Ann Pope’s “Still Waters”, Bruce McCombs’ “Porch” Kay Carnie’s “Red Door” and Carol Hubbard’s “ In Your Dreams II” to name a few.

In case you can't find it on the wall. "Giant Wheel" is my painting that was in the exhibit.