Sunday, March 1, 2009

Strater Hotel: Stage One

I started my painting of the Strater Hotel in Durango, CO. It is a great old Victorian building. I am painting just a slice of it, looking up at the upper portion of the building against the sky. I like the lines, arches and angles. By using this point of view and just a piece of the building, I hope that the details are more noticeable. I also hope it is an interesting painting and composition. My reference photo was taken on an overcast day. I am going to try to capture a little more light and contrast as would be seen on a brighter day. I have started by including more blue sky in the painting than there is in the photo, and making it a deeper blue. As it is now I have done two wet-in-wet washes with cobalt blue. The clouds look light and fluffy. I am done with the sky for now. I need to wait until I get more building painting before making any adjustments. It might be done.

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